About Me

Well hello there! I’m Lauren and that’s me over there, diggin’ into a nice, big, heapin’ pile of chili cheese fries.

If you couldn’t tell already, I love food! I love writing about it, talking about it, cooking it, photographing it, and — uhhh, duhh — eating it.

I’m (mostly) a vegetarian, but I’ll try anything once; the more adventurous, the better! My culinary-related passions, in no particular order, include: potatoes (see photo), Anthony Bourdain, bacon, gravy, poutine, eating everything with chopsticks, sometimes being a vegan, siracha sauce, and keeping a well-stocked spice cabinet.

Sometimes (but not all the time), I do other things besides cook and eat. Some of my other interests are: being cheerful, dominating at Risk, making lists, practical jokes, kicking ass, taking names, settling Catan, using the Oxford comma even though journalists aren’t supposed to.

Also: I’ve folded more than 1000 paper cranes. I’m excited about Christmas 364 days of the year. I have a soft spot for slam poetry; like this or this. Sometimes I spend hours daydreaming up crazy “million dollar ideas” (ask me about Leftovers!).

Oh, and I have the best job in the whole world.

About “A Tale of Two Veggies”

These days, Two Veggies is just a regular ol’ food blog where I post pictures that make me hungry and vegetarian recipes that make my tummy happy. Occasionally you’ll see hints of my guilty pleasures: meat, alcohol, baking (badly)… but for the most part I’m all about making vegetarian twists on classic comfort foods. Enjoy! :D

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